I am Sachin Chavan, a Software Development Enthusiast.

Working on managerial/architect posts since 2003. Effectively managed and lead various projects. Understanding client requirement and designing extendable architecture are some of my key skills. Generalized is the buzzword used by my teammates and me. The architecture designed by us makes development more generalized, which accepts minor deviations in requirements without much burden on my development team.

Started my software career as Foxpro under dos programmer in 1997 while completing my formal education. Later moved to Foxpro 2.6 Widows. Jumped to VB 6 and worked on various database/business applications. Further started development on .Net till date. Also working on Android development for industrial appliances.

Leading various teams. Communicating with client for understanding diverse requirements and designing business rules. Working on various domains like banking, finance, HR, shipping, etc gave experience of breaking the entire system in modules and developing modular system. Working with teammates and client helped to improve interpersonal and communication skills.

Worked on low-level protocols like HTTP, SMTP used for Internet communication. ISO 8583 Standard for Financial Transaction Card Originated Messages - Interchange message for systems that exchange electronic transactions made by cardholders using payment cards(Credit Card/Debit Card). ATM Communication protocol. Proprietary protocols for communication with devices like Cash dispensers, Card readers, Cash acceptor, Coin acceptor, Coin dispenser, Cheque acceptor, Thermal printers, Finger print scanner.

Designing better protocols for communication between various applications and between device and application. Zero error was the primary requirement has to be achieved in some of the protocols designed by me for vehicle tracking system and it is successfully completed.

Worked with various aspects of general application development as well as database application development. The experience involves development of device connectivity through RS232. Extensively interfacing through sockets(TCPIP/UDP).

Working on a range of projects and products gave insight on understanding any programming language without much training. Can work on any new or old programming language without much  formal training. Have worked extensively with Open source tools and frameworks. Tortoise SVN, Nhibernate, JQuery ,CSLA, Nlog, N*, SCSF, WCSF, MVC. Working on Compact framework for Windows CE and Windows Mobile. Working on Android development for industrial appliances.

Following was part of my resume a few years back which is now obsolete as XAML and Windows Workflow Foundation is available still added as it was a great experience and gave a much insight for the overall career development( for me and my team members) and solved a great deal of problems of my employer .

While developing generalized applications developed own XML based language for forms display and flow of code, which reduced the coding efforts as well as frequent code changes avoiding entry of bugs or retesting. Also using my XML language, forms display and screens can be changed at client ends. Developed XML based language for rules parsing. This will enable clients to enter their own formulas for Attendance/Payroll/Shipping calculation as the requirements differ from state to state and industry to industry.